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POP3 and IMAP Mailboxes Upgraded

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

We a delighted to announce that from today the quota for each POP3 and IMAP e-mail account has today been upgraded to a massive 400mb! All existing e-mail accounts have been upgraded automatically.

This will help users who need to send very large files and attachments or do not regularly delete old e-mails.

You can setup new e-mail accounts by logging in to your hosting control panel.

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Web Mail system upgraded

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

We upgraded the software that runs our WebMail platform yesterday which should help eliminate a few problems that have surfaced recently when using Firefox 3. Most noticeable was that the calendar was not working in Firefox 3 which should now be resolved. Many other smaller bugs were also resolved. You can use Impression Internet WebMail at

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Autoresponders added to our Web Mail service

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

We have added a new feature to WebMail so that you can manage autoresponders from

You can specify your mailbox username and password and then create, delete or disable an autoresponder.

This is handy for when you are out of the office for the day or for when you go on holiday. Remember that you can also change your mailbox password on

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New Web Mail interface launched

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

If you use your Impression Internet Control Panel to access WebMail then you won’t have noticed that we have a new version of WebMail available. The new version will be available in the your Control Panel inthe next few days.

The new default interface is much more powerful than the previous one, giving you a look and feel that is more like a Windows mail client. WebMail now also supports IMAP accounts as well.

To try out new WebMail now simply log-in at


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New WebMail Service Launches

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

comp-smallA big thank you to all our customers who have requested new features and upgrades to our WebMail service, we know that our WebMail system is critical to many of you and we have been working on a major upgrade for some time. Thanks to you, our WebMail service is better than ever!

Our new WebMail is even easier to use, is faster to display messages and works in a wide range of web browsers with many advanced features. Some of the great new features include:

New Folder Support

Our updated WebMail system allows you to create as many folders as you need to easily store and organise your mail. You can store up to 100 MB of mail in your folders.


Enhanced Calendar

This handy feature allows you to manage appointments (tasks) on a quarterly, annual, or daily basis.

Outlook-to-WebMail Sync

Microsoft Outlook can be synchronized with your WebMail account so that contacts and scheduler data can be shared between a desktop and WebMail client. If a user adds a new appointment (task) or contact while using Outlook or WebMail, the data will be automatically synchronised between the applications.

Enhanced Address Book

WebMail’s enhanced address book functionality allows you to import and export contacts from/to CSV (comma separated values) file format. You can also sync your WebMail account with your existing address-books.

Spell Checker

Spell check your email before sending it using the built in spell checker with a new and updated language database.

Mailbox Sorting & Searching

Messages contained in your Inbox can be sorted by subject, date, or email address. You can search your mailbox for keywords, allowing quick and easy access to your stored email.

Rich HTML Messages

Create eye-catching emails using different fonts and colours or by embedding pictures and sounds. Why not add your company logo or a customised signature? You can easily attach files to your emails to send to friends, family or colleagues.

search-smallEmail Filters

Create rules to move specific messages or block unwanted senders altogether. Along with the new features we have also implemented a new hardware platform for the WebMail system to operate on. This uses state-of-the-art hardware load balancers to distribute traffic to our to our cluster of WebMail servers. Your messages are centrally stored on giant disk arrays and backed up each day, first to another disk array and then to tape which is stored offsite.

To access WebMail simply login to your Impression Internet control panel or if you know your username and password simply visit

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