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New Google Sitemap Generator feature

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Every Impression Internet hosting package comes with the use of our powerful  Control Panel which is packed full of powerful tools and features to not only run your hosting account but to help add extra functionality to your website, one of which is a Google Sitemap generator.

With Google being the world’s most popular search engine, it’s vital that your website is ranked well within it. The best way of making sure Google can find your content as easily as possible is to create a .xml Sitemap.  A Sitemap is a file containing a list of every page within your website, it is extremely useful for alerting search engines to your content allowing it to be indexed more effectively. Google Sitemaps are particularly handy if your site is new and has few links to it or has an archive of pages which are not linked to each other, a Sitemap will ensure that Googlebot (Google’s search engine spider) will crawl through each link submitted.

Creating a Sitemap manually is normally a laborious and complicated task. Using our Control Panel you can use our Google Sitemap generator tool to create a Sitemap within seconds. We can even upload your Sitemap to Google to ensure that Googlebot will spider your website as quickly as possible. We recommend that every time you update your website you run this tool to re-generate the sitemap file with the new links so they can be indexed much quicker.

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Free Google Sitemap Generator

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Having your website listed in Google is vital. Google has a special tool called Google Sitemaps which generates a list of all the files on your website and sends them to Google. This allows Google to find all of your web pages and files.

The software to generate a Sitemap is quite complicated but we have made it really easy by integrating the software into our control panel. We would recommend everyone generates a Google sitemap and then re-generates it every time their site is updated.

To get started visit the “Website Reporting” section of your control panel.

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