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WordPress MU and BuddyPress now available for one click installation

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Today we’ve added two brand new one click-install scripts to your Impression Internet hosting control panel - Wordpress MU (multi user) and BuddyPress. These are really exciting web hosting scripts, both offering a world of opportunities for your to add a new social element to your existing website or to create a brand new standalone social networking website.

WordPress MU is the mutli-user version of WordPress giving users the ability to create multiple blogs and users running off one domain name, be it “” or blog. “Now with MU we’re making it as easy to create a thousand blogs as it was to create a single blog with WordPress 3 years ago. By building on the base of WordPress and syncing development, we get the benefit of the huge ecosystem in plug-ins and themes that has developed around the project.” You can find out much more about the software the possibilities at the official website:

Install it on your web hosting and use it for:

- Multiple blogs covering specific subjects related to your industry
- User generated blogs running off your brand
- Internal profile accounts for employees
- Creating a blog community

Get more ideas at the official site’s showcase

BuddyPress allows you to use the WordPress MU platform to create your very own social networking site packed full of the features users have come to expect from their social network and more, and all for free! “BuddyPress will extend WordPress MU and bring social networking features to a new or existing installation. BuddyPress is a suite of WordPress plugins and themes, each adding a distinct new feature. BuddyPress contains all the features you’d expect from WordPress but aims to let members socially interact.” Read more about all the advanced features ready to be installed in just a few clicks

Install it on your web hosting and use it for:

- Creating a social network!
- Stand alone or fully integrated with your existing website
Both of these are ready to be installed and if you are one of our resellers they are also available to offer to your clients as part of their web hosting account as well.
Installing Wordpress MU as a stand alone

To install and activate WordPress MU follow these steps:

1. Log in to your web hosting control panel
2. Click on the WordPress MU icon in ‘CGI scripts’
3. Choose the location to install the script e.g. or etc
4. Click ‘install’
5. Go to that location in your web browser
6. Check you are happy with all the details (we have pre-filled the fields for you), enter your contact email and click ‘submit’
7. Make a note of the log in details and click ‘log in’

Installing BuddyPress as well as WordPress MU

To install and activate BuddyPress follow these steps:
a. Log in to your web hosting control panel
b. Click on the BuddyPress icon in ‘CGI scripts’
c. Now follow the exact same steps from step 3 to 7 as described above

Once you have done those, follow these steps:

1. Where is says “The plug in page is not visible to normal users. It must be activated first” click on ‘activate’
2. You will be taken to ‘site options’. Enable the ‘plug ins’ tick box and then ‘update options’ to save these changes
3. Go to ‘plug ins’ and activate BuddyPress
4. To activate the pre-installed BuddyPress them (not required to make it work) go to ‘site admin’, then ‘Activate BuddyPress default home theme’.
5. Go to ‘Appearance’ and activate the theme

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